Saturday, February 27, 2010

Philly Art First!

Notice that the Free Library of Philadelphia is giving a ton of free publicity to a film, "Waltz with Bashir," which wasn't made in America, much less in Philadelphia. It's the Library's "One Film" to focus on this year, part of their "One Book, One Philadelphia" program.

Their recent choices for both film and book deal with the Mideast. They seem like extensions of U.S. foreign policy. Are there no stories in Philly to cover? No Philadelphia filmmakers or writers?

This is one more example that the Free Library is a high-up institution which ignores the city's own writers and artists-- instead acting to serve the needs of media monopolies and the local plutocracy.

At the same time plans continue to build a hyper-expensive new Parkway Library. (To hold more elegant soirees?) As neighborhood branch libraries are regularly closed for "staff shortages."

The poor get poorer while the rich get everything.

Life in America today.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Is a Pop Short Story?

A Summary for Potential Contributors to
Think of an early Beatles song. A pop story is tight, well-structured, and basic, with impact. Plot-driven or character-driven. Make it strong and keep it simple. A pop story is NOT pretentiously literary. It's written not for a writing professor, but for the reader-- any reader. This means no "well-layered" or "well-detailed" prose to hinder the connection between narrative and reader. Remember, you're telling a story. The story is all. This doesn't mean you can't at the same time evoke time and place. Read the work of George Simenon and see how he does it. A few daubs of paint will bring from readers their own memories of images, smells, and tastes. There are many styles of literary pop. F. Scott Fitxgerald was the ultimate pop writer. His style seems minimalist compared to the overwrought literary works of today. Fitzgerald was the greatest stylist of them all. Dumas was pure pop, but he wrote novels. Edgar Allan Poe, R.L. Stevenson, Jack London, and O. Henry wrote different kinds of short pop fiction. All were very good. One-hit wonders like "The Most Dangerous Game" and "The Lady or the Tiger?" were pure pop. In short, send your "serious" writing elsewhere. See if you have the imagination and the discipline to do great pop, which is what I'm after. (A writer with talent should be able to write both.) Provide works of surprise and wonder and we'll recapture an audience.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Eternal Senator

"Fake Face Meets Senator Crupt"--
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who Are the Pop Stars?

Who are America's underground literary pop stars? (Or pop literary stars.) I'm talking about undergrounders who write some species of art-pop short fiction-- and write it well. Who are they?

Well, there's me of course. There's Wred Fright. There's Ann Sterzinger, whose writing is always over-the-top enough to qualify as literary pop art. Possibly Tom Hendricks on occasion as well.

Who else? Let me know!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


The current weather in Philly reminds me of a Michigan winter. Makes me feel right at home!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Opponent for Fake Face?

I have several possibilities as opponents to my new character, murderous gangleader Fake Face, at the Pop Lit blog
Which should I go with?
Here are the choices.
Rival to Fake Face in pure evil.
2.) BIG BOY.
Ex-cop, nephew and pawn of long-time Disrict Attorney who hates Fake Face.
3.) CARNY.
Leader of gang of circus freaks controling a chunk of city territory which Fake Face wants.
Rapper gangleader out to destroy Fake Face.
Out to seduce and snare Fake Face in order to take over city herself.
PLEASE PUT YOUR CHOICE, anonymously or not, here at Comments.
It takes fifteen seconds.